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katya Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Simart Katya is a high-performance cleaning assistant, ready to vacuum and mop the floor in one go.

  • 3000 Pa suction power(best in class)
  • 6400 mAh battery, up to 240 minutes of use at high performance
  • Turkish audio language support
  • Smart mapping with Lidar laser technology
  • Create virtual wall with the app, forbidden zones and multiple maping feature
  • Automatically returning to the charging station when its charge is low, charging and continuing cleaning from where it left off.
  • Solution guaranteed technical service in 48 hours

katya is very useful because it is equipped with the latest technology. It prevents the constant pollution caused by the hair shed by our pets.

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Superior Suction at Low Noise Levels

Experience the comprehensive clean with a maximum of 3000Pa suction power and multi-surface rubber brushes along with that will remove dirt and dust stuck deep in the floor or on the carpet. Choose the one that suits your needs from 3 different cleaning modes.

Vacuuming & Mopping. Now do it together

Katya can vacuum and mop together in one go. Its advance water dispersion system avoid leaks and mop the floor clean efficiently without any mess. With 3 levels of water flow, you can adjust the settings to fit your needs.

Laser-Based Smart LiDAR Navigation

With its advanced laser sensors, Katya’s LiDAR navigation system creates systematic paths with greater coverage and precision. With every cleaning, it performs a 360° scan to identify the most efficient cleaning route for fast cleaning with fewer missed spots.

Steer Clear of the Obstacles & Drop

Thanks to the cliff sensors underneath, it recognizes stairs and high areas and does not fall.

Control Cleaning from Anywhere in the World

Clean your home anytime & from anywhere with a fully automated SIMART app connection. Schedule a cleaning and check live progress right from your mobile phone. Ideal for people way from home who want to get back to a cleaner home.

Control Cleaning Zones & Create Boundaries

Create cleaning boundaries and no clean zones. Maybe there is a puzzle on the floor that still needs time or a school project that is not finished yet. Simply mark no-go zones and perform cleaning when you want. Also, you can create many maps of the same area as per your need or send Katya to the particular area that needs immediate cleaning. All at your fingertips.

4 Hours of WOW Cleaning; Self Charging Dock

With its 6400mAh high capacity battery, Katya can clean for up to 4 hours (the best of its group) without interruption. With a single charge, it can clean approximately 220m². What happens if it runs out of power during cleaning? Your smart robot vacuum returns to the charging station to recharge the battery, but once charged, it automatically resumes cleaning from where it left off.

*Product Performance is tested under IEC lab condition. Actual performance may vary as per usage.

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