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Smart Toilet Seat


The Smart Toilet Seat revolutionizes personal hygiene, taking it to the next level of cleanliness and comfort.

The Şımart Smart Toilet Seat is an intelligent toilet seat with different washing modes, adjustable water temperature, seat temperature, and drying temperature. It also features drying and odor-absorbing capabilities.

Pampering innovation in personal hygiene!

  • Pampering innovation in personal hygiene!
  • Different Washing Modes
  • Isıtmalı Oturak
  • Ayarlanabilir Yıkama ve Kurutma Sıcaklığı
  • Odor Absorption
  • Family Sharing

Smart Remote Control


With Şımart Smart Remote Control, you can make all your remote-controlled devices smart and control them from a single point.

  • Remote Control with the App
  • Recognizes and automatically operates over 6000 brands and products
  • Allows usage by introducing non-listed devices.
  • Voice Control
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Direct Wi-Fi connection without the need for a gateway
  • Air conditioner – TV – Garage door – Remote-controlled lamp – Ventilation devices – Projector – DVD player and speakers
  • Controls the entire area with 360-degree sensors
  • High compatibility Remote control Access sharing Direct Wi-Fi Connection
  • Leave all the remotes aside
  • Easy setup and device addition

Bluetooth Gateway


Şımart Bluetooth Gateway is a smart device that allows you to integrate and facilitate the use of Bluetooth-based smart home products that do not have Wi-Fi connection. With Şımart Bluetooth Gateway, you can create a wider coverage area, perform faster operations, and enjoy compatibility with other smart home devices and technologies.

  • Control with Şımart App
  • Expand the coverage range of the connected product
  • Faster data transfer and processing
  • Device-to-Device Communication (M2M)
  • Easy to use and install with its stylish design
  • Up to 30 hours of battery power