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Katya Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop with 2 years manufacturer's guarantee
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Simart Katya is a high-performance cleaning assistant, ready to vacuum and mop the floor in one go.

  • 3000 Pa suction power(best in class)
  • 6400 mAh battery, up to 240 minutes of use at high performance
  • Turkish audio language support
  • Smart mapping with Lidar laser technology
  • Create virtual wall with the app, forbidden zones and multiple maping feature
  • Automatically returning to the charging station when its charge is low, charging and continuing cleaning from where it left off.
  • Solution guaranteed technical service in 48 hours

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Simart Robot

Superior Suction at Low Noise Levels

Experience the comprehensive clean with a maximum of 3000Pa suction power and multi-surface rubber brushes along with that will remove dirt and dust stuck deep in the floor or on the carpet. Choose the one that suits your needs from 3 different cleaning modes.


Vacuuming & Mopping. Now do it together

Katya can vacuum and mop together in one go. Its advance water dispersion system avoid leaks and mop the floor clean efficiently without any mess. With 3 levels of water flow, you can adjust the settings to fit your needs.
Simart Robot
Simart Robot

Laser-Based Smart LiDAR Navigation

With its advanced laser sensors, Katya’s LiDAR navigation system creates systematic paths with greater coverage and precision. With every cleaning, it performs a 360° scan to identify the most efficient cleaning route for fast cleaning with fewer missed spots.

Steer Clear of the Obstacles & Drop

Katya uses advance laser 3-D detection of obstacle and smartly avoid them to without bothering you pick them up. Also, it can detect a sudden drop in elevation so that you don’t have to worry about it dropping down the stairs. Truly hassle-free cleaning.

Simart Robot

Control Cleaning from Anywhere in the World

Clean your home anytime & from anywhere with a fully automated SIMART app connection. Schedule a cleaning and check live progress right from your mobile phone. Ideal for people way from home who want to get back to a cleaner home.

Download Simart App

Control Cleaning Zones & Create Boundaries

Create cleaning boundaries and no clean zones. Maybe there is a puzzle on the floor that still needs time or a school project that is not finished yet. Simply mark no-go zones and perform cleaning when you want. Also, you can create many maps of the same area as per your need or send Katya to the particular area that needs immediate cleaning. All at your fingertips.

Simart Robot
Simart Robot

3 Hours of WOW Cleaning; Self Charging Dock

With the large battery of 6000mAh battery, Kayta can clean up to 210 minutes (best in category) uninterruptedly. On a single charge, it can clean approximately 220 sqm. What if it runs out of power while cleaning? Your smart robot sweeper returns to its charging dock to power up. Once charged, it will automatically go to where it left off and start cleaning.

*Product Performance is tested under IEC lab condition. Actual performance may vary as per usage.


Mapping / Path PlanningYes
Mapping Sensor TypeLDS Laser
High-Precision MapYes
Recharge & ResumeYes
Automatically Docks and RechargesYes
Noise LevelMAX<69dB Middle<64dB Mute<62dB
Side Brushes2 Pieces
Voice PromptsYes

Barrier-cross Height20 mm

Suction Power3000 Pa
Сleaning Area200-250 m2
Dustbin Capacity475 ml
Wet MoppingYES
Electric Water Flow ControlYES
2 in 1
Water Tank Capacity220 ml
Dustbin Capacity230 ml
Suction PowerMax 42W
HEPA FilterYes
Washable FilterYes
Battery TypeLi-ion
Battery Capacity6000 mAh
Run Time190~220 min
Charging Time270~320 min
Rated Power (Watts)27 W
SchedulingAPP can control
IR Remote ControlYES
Wi-Fi / Smartphone AppYES
Wi-Fi Frequency Bands2.4 G
Amazon Alexa SupportCan be added (optional)
Google Assistant SupportCan be added (optional)
Magnetic/Optical Virtual WallsSmart Virtual Wall in APP
Real-time TrackingYES
Digital Blocked AreaYES
Zoned CleaningYES
Multi-floor MapsYES
Manual Movement ControlYES
Selected Room CleaningYES
No-mop zonesYES
Carpet BoostYES
Anti-drop / Cliff SensorYES
Robot Weight4.5 kg
Robot WidthØ325 mm
Robot Height96 mm
In the box543*389*140 mm
Release Date2021
Warranty24 months

Download Instruction Manuals

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Product testing is performed under IEC lab conditions. Actual performance may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Katya robot can work without a Wi-Fi connection, but in that case, it is not possible for you to use some of its features. Having a Wi-Fi connection provides you to make use of your vacuum with all of its features.
Your Katya robot can be recharged in its specially designed charging station. If it runs out of power while cleaning, it will return to its charging dock to power up.
When the battery is low, your Katya robot will automatically charge itself and start cleaning where it left off.
Katya is designed to work on all surfaces. It automatically adjusts its suction and speed level depending on the surface it is on.
You can use Katya robot when your wireless internet at your home is functioning, plus, you can check live progress continuously right from your mobile phone with Simart Technology APP/APK.
You can mark no-go zones through the Simart Technology APP/APK. Similarly, you can mark the particular cleaning zones again through the Simart Technology APP/APK.
Katya won’t fall down the stairs, steps and high edges owing to its drop sensors attached to the bottom casing.
With the large battery of 6000mAh battery, Kayta can clean up over 3 hours uninterruptedly.
Katya robot vacuum box contains side brushes for left and right sides one for each. You can easily remove the old brush and replace it without using any screwdriver. Besides, you can find ever-updating information within the Simart Technology APP/APK regarding the expected life of the accessories.
Katya cleans all kinds of hairs and bristles, it also picks up accrued hairs and bristles in the corners with its unique design.
Your Katya robot works through 2.4GHz wireless network, make sure that your connection is not 5GHz and your Wi-Fi light is blinking.
Clean potable water must be poured into its liquid tank. Tap water mustn’t be used in no circumstances. Only a teaspoon of white vinegar should be added as a cleanser, i.e. detergent.
With its smart mapping system, Katya identifies every room. Thus, you can specify when and which room Katya will clean.

Robot süpürgeniz bataryasını, batarya performansını hiçbir zaman düşürmeyecek şekilde kontrol eder. Bu sebeple akıllı robot süpürgenizin kullanılmadığı zamanlarda dahi şarjda kalması gerekir.

Your robot vacuum controls its battery in a way that will never reduce its battery performance. Therefore, your smart robot vacuum must stay on charging even when not in use.
Reset settings from the Wi-Fi light on Katya and re-enter network settings.
You can share your device by using the shared robot tab in APP/APK.

Please make sure that there is no problem in Wi-Fi connection.

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