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Water Leakage Detector


Şımart Smart Water Leak Detector is a smart home security system that can be controlled by a mobile application with a Wi-Fi connection and instantly detects water leaks and sends you a push notification.

  • Remote control and instant notification thanks to the Şımart application
  • Low power consumption, long battery life
  • The opportunity to connect with other Şımart smart devices
  • Wireless use thanks to the direct Wi-Fi connection
  • Self-alarm sound
  • History record analysis
  • Timer control


Get Rid of Tangled Cables

With the Şımart application, you can activate or deactivate your smart water leak detector at any time.

Convenience in Timing

Şımart uygulaması ile dilediğiniz zaman diliminde akıllı su sensörünüzü çalıştırabilir ya da devre dışı bırakabilirsiniz.

Enjoy Smart Home Security

It can easily detect when water reaches the floor or coverings, sound an alarm, and send you push notifications. With the help of this function, you will take precautions quickly and you will not be faced with any unwanted surprises.

Compatible with other Şımart Smart Devices

The Smart Water Leak Detector product is in harmony with other Şımart smart devices in your home. You can create scenarios and make them happen.

Save Energy

Thanks to its low power consumption, you can use your smart water leak detector for a long time. It considers both your safety and your pocket.

Compact Design

It will dote on your home with its compact design that will harmonize with the elegance of your home.