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Bluetooth Gateway


Şımart Bluetooth Gateway is a smart device that allows you to integrate and facilitate the use of Bluetooth-based smart home products that do not have Wi-Fi connection. With Şımart Bluetooth Gateway, you can create a wider coverage area, perform faster operations, and enjoy compatibility with other smart home devices and technologies.

  • Control with Şımart App
  • Expand the coverage range of the connected product
  • Faster data transfer and processing
  • Device-to-Device Communication (M2M)
  • Easy to use and install with its stylish design
  • Up to 30 hours of battery power


Take a Step into Wireless Technology!

With Şımart Gateway, you can integrate all your smart devices that support 2.4G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2.

Smart Living

Facilitate communication between your devices at home or office, ensure security, and provide a user-friendly interface to perform basic functions.

Machine-to-Machine Communication Made Possible!

With Şımart Gateway, you can enable remote monitoring, management, and communication between your devices.

Boost Your Signal Strength

Increase your device’s signal strength with a low signal range using Şımart Gateway. Now you can enjoy remote control without having to go near the device.

Add and Control Multiple Devices

You can operate or stop multiple Şımart Bluetooth devices from a single hub.

Remote Control and Programming with the Applicaton

Through the Şımart app, you can remotely control all your Şımart Bluetooth devices and perform all Bluetooth coverage-related operations regardless of distance.

*Product performances have been tested under IEC laboratory conditions. Actual performances may vary depending on usage conditions.