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Thermostatic Radiator Valve (BLE)


The Şımart Thermostatic Radiator Valve (BLE) is a smart home product that can be used in place of traditional radiator valves, enabling your radiators in the heating system to operate more intelligently and efficiently.

The Thermostatic Radiator Valve can be integrated with other Şımart devices and can also be remotely controlled via devices such as smartphones or tablets.

In the Şımart Thermostatic Radiator Valve model, it operates using Bluetooth connection instead of Wi-Fi. To control it from longer distances or with voice assistants, you need to have the Şımart Bluetooth Gateway.

  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Programming and Scheduling
  • Remote Control and Notifications via the Şımart App
  • Easy Installation & Use
  • Integration with other Smart Devices
  • Wireless Connectivity


Make Your Home Heating Şımart!

Forget about traditional radiator valves; the Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve (BLE) truly makes your home smart! With automatic temperature control, programming, and scheduling features, it efficiently enhances energy efficiency while keeping you comfortably warm.

Automatic Temperature Control

It opens or closes the valve based on the current temperature of your room and your target temperature setting. This ensures that the room remains at the desired temperature and prevents excessive heat loss.

Programmable Time Intervals

The Thermostatic Radiator Valve allows you to program when the radiators will operate during specific time intervals. For example, if you want to return home to a warm house when coming back from work, you can program it according to your desired time slots.

Room Temperature Sensors

The Thermostatic Radiator Valve is equipped with internal sensors that measure the temperature of the room or area where the radiator is connected. This enables you to automatically adjust the operating time and intensity of the radiator accordingly.

Universal Compatibility

The Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve, which is compatible with many different brands and models of radiator heads, is designed to allow users to upgrade their existing heating systems and quickly provide smart control without needing different valves for each radiator. The package includes various types of heads for different radiator types.

Energy Efficiency

Smart valves help optimize energy consumption by heating the room only as much as needed, enabling energy savings and reducing utility bills while also minimizing environmental impact.

Open Window Detection

You can create scenarios with the Smart Door Window Sensor to automatically shut off the radiator when your window is opened using the Thermostatic Radiator Valve. This allows you to prevent cold air from entering from outside and enhance energy efficiency.

Integration and Easy Installation

Smart Valve Control can be easily installed without the need for complex assembly or professional assistance, and it doesn’t require renovation. Users can quickly set up the device without complicated installation procedures. By creating scenarios with other Smart ecosystem devices, you can establish cost-effective and energy-efficient systems.