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Water Leakage Detector


Şımart Smart Water Leak Detector is a smart home security system that can be controlled by a mobile application with a Wi-Fi connection and instantly detects water leaks and sends you a push notification.

  • Remote control and instant notification thanks to the Şımart application
  • Low power consumption, long battery life
  • The opportunity to connect with other Şımart smart devices
  • Wireless use thanks to the direct Wi-Fi connection
  • Self-alarm sound
  • History record analysis
  • Timer control

Smart Remote Control


With Şımart Smart Remote Control, you can make all your remote-controlled devices smart and control them from a single point.

  • Remote Control with the App
  • Recognizes and automatically operates over 6000 brands and products
  • Allows usage by introducing non-listed devices.
  • Voice Control
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Direct Wi-Fi connection without the need for a gateway
  • Air conditioner – TV – Garage door – Remote-controlled lamp – Ventilation devices – Projector – DVD player and speakers
  • Controls the entire area with 360-degree sensors
  • High compatibility Remote control Access sharing Direct Wi-Fi Connection
  • Leave all the remotes aside
  • Easy setup and device addition

Smart Plug


Şımart Smart Plug is a smart home appliance that can be controlled by a mobile application with a Wi-Fi connection, has timed and planned on-off features, energy-saving and thus, making your life easier.

  • Remote on/off convenience thanks to the smartphone applications
  • The opportunity to know how much electricity your electronic devices consume
  • The opportunity of real-time tracking with synchronization
  • Effortless use thanks to the feature of time setting and planning
  • The opportunity of common use for all residents with shared control
  • Advanced security system
  • Voice control with Google Assistant