katya Z Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Katya Z Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop with 2-year warranty
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Effortless cleaning with enriched features in no time.

Meet katya Z, the latest robot in the katya series! Say hello to katya Z, which cleans by increasing suction power on your carpet with Carpet Power Boost mode.

  • 3500Pa suction power
  • Meet katya Z, the latest robot in the katya series! Say hello to katya Z, which cleans by increasing suction power on your carpet with Carpet Power Boost mode.
  • Turkish language support
  • Smart mapping with Lidar laser technology
  • Lidar collision prevention
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Create virtual wall with the application, forbidden zones and multiple maping feature
  • Automatically returns to the charging station and continues cleaning where it left off when the battery is low.
  • Technical service guaranteed within 48 hours

katya Z recognizes your home and adapts to it for cleaning. When its battery runs low, it returns to the charging station and continues cleaning where it left off. Thus, it gives you more time.

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katya Z is very practical and equipped with the latest technology. It prevents continuous dirt caused by shedding pet hair.

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The Quiet Power in Your Home, katya Z

katya Z cleans your home with a sound level of 52dB while operating in quiet mode. It won’t bother you, and you won’t even notice it cleaning your home.

Carpet Power Boost Function

katya Z increases its suction power on your carpet. It recognizes your carpet and continues cleaning with the Power Boost function by increasing its suction power. You can also operate your robot vacuum with three different suction modes by adjusting the suction power through the Şımart application. Step on your carpet with more confidence!

Suction Power

katya Z is both smart and powerful! Take a closer look at katya Z, which has a higher suction power.

With 3500Pa suction power, it provides powerful cleaning performance by compressing the air flow between the multi-surface cleaning rubber brush and silicone with a strong vacuum effect. It offers comprehensive and comfortable cleaning in your home with its maximum, standard, and quiet modes.

Climbing Up to 2 cm

Overcoming obstacles is effortless for katya Z. It can easily climb heights of up to 2 cm, such as carpets and door thresholds, and continue its cleaning performance without difficulty when moving from a flat surface to a carpet.

Protected Lidar Sensor

As katya Z starts to recognize your home and sweeps around furniture, it protects the Lidar sensor in case of collision or getting stuck in narrow areas under and along walls perfectly during cleaning. katya Z creates a cleaning route suitable for your home with a 360-degree scan using Lidar navigation system and adapts to your home in real-time. With smart katya Z, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Mapping Multiple Floors

With multi-map support, you can create a map on the application in multistorey homes, offices, or different areas for cleaning.

Award-Winning Contentful Design

Meet the new model of award-winning Katya, katya Z! Elegant, contentful, and effortless!

All-purpose Remote Control

You can control katya Z from both the application and the remote control. Thanks to its new design, you can perform almost all cleaning operations with the remote control.

Washable HEPA Filter

katya Z considers your health with a washable high-efficiency HEPA filter. It provides comprehensive and easy cleaning comfort for your next cleaning by purging dust mites, residues, pollen, mold, and cat and dog allergens from your HEPA filter with water. 

New Interface

Using your robot vacuum cleaner beyond standard control is now easier with the new user-friendly interface. The Şımart App is a skilful control center that allows you to integrate your robot with other smart home products to give personalized commands.

*Product performance has been tested under IEC laboratory conditions. Actual performance may vary depending on usage conditions.

Mapping | Path Planning

Mapping Sensor TypeLDS
Laser High Precision Mapping


Continue Cleaning after Charging


Automatic Return to Station and Recharging


Noise Level
Eco Mode≤40dB
Quiet Mode≤52dB
Standard Mode≤58dB
Max Mode (Carpet Boost)≤62dB
Maximum Noise Level≤64dB
Side Brushes2 pieces
Built-in Map MemoryEVET
Emiş Gücü
Carpet Boost1300Pa
Cleaning Area60-150 m²
Dustbin Capacity680 ml
Wet MoppingYES
Electric Water Flow ControlYES
Water Tank Capacity350 ml
Water Tank Capacity260 ml
Suction Power MaxMaximum 42 Watt
Barrier-cross (height)20 mm
Washable FilterYES
Battery TypeLi-ion Battery
Run Time50~150 mins
Charging Time270~320 mins
Rated Power46.08 Watt
Smartphone ApplicationYES
IR Remote ControlYES
Google Assistant SupportYES
Communication Band2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
Magnetic / Optical Virtual WallsSmart Virtual Wall in App
SchedulingAPP can control
Amazon Alexa SupportNO
Real-Time TrackingYES
Blocked AreaYES
Selected Room CleaningYES
Multi-floor MapsYES
Manual Movement (Remote Control)YES
Area CleaningYES
No-Mop ZoneYES
Cliff SensorEVET
Lidar SensorEVET
Infrared SensorEVET
Carpet Power BoostEVET
Robot Weight3 kg
Robot WidthØ320 mm
Robot Height95 mm
Box Size570*400*150 mm
Release Date2023
Warranty24 Ay

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Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Product testing is performed under IEC lab conditions. Actual performance may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes, your katya Z robot can work without Wi-Fi, but in this case, you may not be able to use some of its features. Wi-Fi allows you to take advantage of all the features of your vacuum cleaner.

You can charge your katya Z robot by using the specially designed charging station. If the battery runs low during cleaning, it will automatically return to the station.

When the battery level is low, it will automatically recharge itself and continue cleaning from where it left off.

katya Z is designed to work on different surfaces that can be swept and wiped. Depending on the surface it is on, suction power, speed, and wetness for mopping can be adjusted.

You can use it when your home’s wireless internet is working, and you can control it continuously from your mobile devices with the Şımart Teknoloji APP/APK.

You can mark no-go zones through the Şımart Teknoloji APP/APK. Similarly, you can mark the particular cleaning zones again through the Şımart Teknoloji APP/APK.

Thanks to the drop sensors added to the bottom casing, katya Z won’t fall down the stairs, steps, or high edges.

Katya Z robot vacuum comes with separate side brushes for the left and right sides in the box, and you can easily remove and replace them without using any screwdriver. You can find constantly updated information about the service life of accessories in the Şımart Teknoloji APP/APK.

Yes, Katya Z can clean any type of fur or hair, and its unique design allows it to pick up fur and hair that have accumulated in corners.

Your Katya Z robot works through a 2.4GHz wireless network, so make sure your connection is not on the 5GHz band and that your Wi-Fi signal is flashing during the connection process.

The liquid tank should be filled with clean drinking water. Tap water should never be used. Only one teaspoon of white vinegar or Şımart Teknoloji Robot Vacuum Detergent should be added as a cleanser.

With its smart mapping system, katya Z can identify each room in your home, allowing you to determine when and which room the robot should clean.

Your smart robot vacuum monitors its battery and ensures that its performance is never compromised. Therefore, it should be kept on charge even when not in use.

Reset the settings from the Wi-Fi light on Katya Z, then enter the network settings again.

You can share it using the shared robot tab in the APP/APK.

Please ensure that there are no Wi-Fi connection problem and then try the device firmware upgrade again. If the problem persists, we recommend contacting your robot’s technical support team.

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