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Smart Plug


Şımart Smart Plug is a smart home appliance that can be controlled by a mobile application with a Wi-Fi connection, has timed and planned on-off features, energy-saving and thus, making your life easier.

  • Remote on/off convenience thanks to the smartphone applications
  • The opportunity to know how much electricity your electronic devices consume
  • The opportunity of real-time tracking with synchronization
  • Effortless use thanks to the feature of time setting and planning
  • The opportunity of common use for all residents with shared control
  • Advanced security system
  • Voice control with Google Assistant
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Save Energy with Şımart Smart Plug

You can save on your electric bill with the smart socket that will help you make electricity budget plans monthly. Besides, when you are not at home, you can turn off the electronic devices in the home by remote control and reduce electricity use and costs.

Decide When Electronic Devices Will Work

You can avoid unwanted surprises with smart sockets which are suitable for use in all areas of the home. You can safely use it at your bedside or in your bathroom.

Your Security is in Safe Hands with Smart Plug

Thanks to its current protection function and superior materials used, your smart plug is much more resistant to possible electric leakages than normal plugs. Thus, it not only saves money, but also protects your home.

Track Your Electricity Consumption

Thanks to the Şımart application, where you can connect your Smart Plug, you can see which electronic device consumes electricity, and you can track your weekly and monthly electricity expenditures. With the help of the timer control function, you can use your devices at certain time intervals and prevent bills from being an issue for you.

Manage Together with Shared Control

You can control your smart pocket with more than one family member. If someone hurries out of the home and forgets to turn off the devices, other family members can have access to the devices and turn them off. It provides a safe place for you and your loved ones.

Call Smart Plug

You can control your smart plug by Google Assistant applications. You can freely manage your home by giving commands such as ‘Turn off the TV’ or ‘Start the kettle’.

Friendly Operation with other Smart Devices

Smart plug works in harmony by connecting with other Şımart smart devices in your home. Thanks to this, your smart devices can create interconnected scenarios with each other. It helps to make your life easier by programming such that my smart light bulb turns on when I turn on my smart plug.

*Product performances have been tested under IEC laboratory conditions. Actual performances may vary depending on usage conditions.