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Smart Toilet Seat


The Smart Toilet Seat revolutionizes personal hygiene, taking it to the next level of cleanliness and comfort.

The Şımart Smart Toilet Seat is an intelligent toilet seat with different washing modes, adjustable water temperature, seat temperature, and drying temperature. It also features drying and odor-absorbing capabilities.

Pampering innovation in personal hygiene!

  • Pampering innovation in personal hygiene!
  • Different Washing Modes
  • Isıtmalı Oturak
  • Ayarlanabilir Yıkama ve Kurutma Sıcaklığı
  • Odor Absorption
  • Family Sharing
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Ergonomic and Elegant Design

The Şımart Smart Toilet Seat catches attention not only with its functionality but also with its elegant and stylish design.

Prioritize Your Health

By adjusting the water temperature, you can improve blood circulation and relax your body.

Don't Hesitate to Si t on the Toilet Seat on Cold Winter Days Anymore

By adjusting the seat temperature of the smart toilet seat, you can achieve the ideal comfort.

Suitable for Every Member of Your Family

Personalize your hygiene by adjusting the water pressure, temperature, and position of the antibacterial cleaning wand using your remote control.

Sensitive Cleaning for Sensitive Individuals

Enjoy the gentle cleaning your body needs by using different cleaning modes such as Child, Female, and Strong Wash.

Remote Control and Programming with the Mobile App

Şımart app, you can remotely control your smart toilet seat and perform all the functions that you can do with the remote control.

*Product performances have been tested under IEC laboratory conditions. Actual performances may vary depending on usage conditions.