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katya T Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner (New)

Original price was: ₺16,999.00.Current price is: ₺14,999.00.

katya T, which eliminates the need for manual hopper emptying with its Auto Empty Base, facilitates cleaning processes and also takes the cleaning standard in your home to the next level with its increased 5000Pa superior suction capacity.

Put an end to the hassle of tank cleaning, discover katya T for deep cleaning!

Perfect Cleaning!

  • 5000Pa Suction Power
  • Auto Empty Base
  • Up to 130 minutes of cleaning with 46Wh battery power
  • Control via Remote & App
  • Turkish language support
  • Smart Mapping with Lidar Laser Technology
  • Lidar Anti-Collision
  • Washable Hepa Filter
  • Creating Virtual Walls, Restricted Zones and Multiple Mapping Features with Phone Application
  • When the battery is low, it automatically returns to the charging station and continues charging and cleaning where it left off.
  • Technical Service with Solution Guaranteed in 48 Hours


Perfect Cleaning!

Meet the latest wonder of the katya series: the katya T Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

More than just being a new model, it takes your home cleaning to the next level with Auto Empty Base. There is no need to worry about dust discharge anymore, because this process is completely entrusted to katya T!

Auto Empty Base

When the cleaning cycle is completed with the new katya T Robot Vacuum Cleaner Auto Empty Base, it automatically transfers the dust and dirt accumulated in the chamber to an external storage unit. In this way, you will save yourself the time allocated for chamber cleaning.

Various benefits of Auto Empty Base

Uninterrupted Cleaning Performance: The system, which requires less frequent emptying, allows your robot to work uninterrupted for longer periods of time.

Contactless Cleaning Experience: Since the dust discharge process is fully automated, the necessity of manually cleaning dust and dirt is eliminated, thus offering a more hygienic use.

Increased Air Health: Maximizes the air quality in your home by preventing dust and particles from remixing with the air.

Antiallergic Dust Bag

katya T collects the dust and dirt in your living space in the dust unit and collects it in the dust bag. It provides a healthy living space by effectively trapping allergens and microbes with its anti-allergic bag.

The dust bag has the capacity to store 30 dust cups of dirt and dust, allowing you to forget about dust bag cleaning without having to take care of the dust and dirt for 30 days.

5000Pa Suction Power

With its increased 5000Pa suction power, it is ideal for all kinds of cleaning needs. Thanks to its aerodynamic design and high suction power, katya T thoroughly cleans stubborn dirt, dust particles and pet hair on the floor and carpets.

Carpet Power Boost Function

katya T automatically increases the suction power when applied to the carpet, thus eliminating the need for manual adjustment. Thus, it effectively cleans the dust, dirt and pet hair deeply embedded in the carpets.

2 in 1 Cleaning

With its sweeping and wiping function in one go, it speeds up your cleaning process twice and ensures a more thorough cleaning of your floors.

Lidar Sensor

It enables precise mapping of your living space with Lidar Scanning Technology. Thus, it provides a more effective and systematic cleaning opportunity every time.

Featuring Lidar Scanning Technology, katya T significantly increases navigation capability and meets the high performance that users expect from cleaning.

Remote Control Feature

The remote control feature provides ease of use for users without an internet connection. It also allows people of all ages and levels of technological knowledge to benefit from this control feature in house cleaning.

Unit Base

katya T with Unit Base prevents the station from slipping or moving during charging, allowing it to move efficiently. This provides an uninterrupted charging and cleaning experience.

*Ürün performansları IEC laboratuvar koşullarında test edilmiştir. Gerçek performanslar kullanım koşullarına göre değişkenlik gösterebilir.