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Window Cleaner Robot


With the Şımart Glass Cleaning Robot, you can achieve impeccable cleanliness on your windows, minimizing the time and energy spent on window and home cleaning, and quickly clean your living spaces. With its ergonomic body and stylish design, the Şımart Glass Wiping Robot can be easily carried, allowing you to effortlessly achieve hygiene in different and challenging areas of your home.

  • Cleaning speed of 3.5min / m2
  • Cleaning time exceeding 30 minutes
  • Fall-prevention control algorithm
  • Three different control options: Şımart application, remote control, and power button
  • Table Cleaning mode for surfaces other than glass
  • 14 microfiber cloths
  • Durable safety rope and hook with a carrying capacity of 150kgf



Use Your Cleaning Time Wisely: Şımart Window Cleaner Robot

The Şımart Glass Cleaning Robot is a miracle that simplifies the cleaning of your windows and living spaces! This smart device ensures flawless cleanliness on the windows of your home, making it the most practical way for you to save time and energy.

Multiple Surface Cleaning

With the Şımart Glass Cleaning Robot, you can clean not only your windows but also tables, bathroom glass, and tiles. Thanks to its cottony microfiber cloths, it eliminates dirt and stains without causing scratches, providing you and your loved ones with hygienic environments.

Multiple Control Options

You can easily control your Şımart Glass Cleaning Robot in three different ways: through the Şımart application, remote control, or the power button on its body.

High-Performance Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The Şımart Glass Cleaning Robot provides a delicate cleaning experience, preventing dust from spreading on the glass surface and allowing it to accumulate on the cloth, thanks to its microfiber cloths. Additionally, it offers the advantage of extended use with 14 spare mop cloths.

4 Different Cleaning Routes

The Şımart Glass Cleaning Robot has the automatic ability to clean your windows in four different directions: from top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right downwards, and right to left downwards.

Smart Edge Detection

With its advanced sensors, the Şımart Glass Cleaning Robot recognizes window frames and automatically determines the cleaning route. Additionally, it detects gaps in frameless windows and real-time identifies the risk of the robot falling.

Circular Suction System

The Şımart Glass Cleaning Robot, offering cleaning on glass with a suction power of 2600Pa, mimics traditional cleaning with its dual cleaning rings. It cleans dust, stains, and invisible microbes and bacteria adhering to your windows.

Automatic Water Spraying

The Şımart Glass Cleaning Robot effectively cleans rain spots, dust, and mud stains by automatically spraying water 270 times with its 40ml water capacity. Additionally, you can also manually use the water spraying mode.

Hygiene and Safety Combined

The Şımart Glass Cleaning Robot recognizes window frames and creates a cleaning route using fall-prevention sensors. If there is a power outage or a loss of connection, the robot automatically holds onto the glass for 30 minutes, preventing it from falling. Additionally, there is a safety rope to prevent falls due to environmental or other factors.