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Smart Door Window Sensor


The Şımart Smart Door Window Sensor is a smart security system that can be controlled via a mobile application with a Wi-Fi connection, and when it is fixed to the door or window ledge as you please, it can notice that someone is trying to break in and sends you a notification.

  • Instant notification
  • Easy installation
  • Space-saving feature with the help of its portable and stylish design.
  • Supported by other Şımart smart home appliances
  • Supported by Android and iOS devices


Safety and Comfort Come Together

You can archive the records of the opening and closing times of the door and the archive helps you to view this detailed history information at any time.

Easy Programming

You can make different programming based on different days and keep it under record.

Fast Installation and Easy to Use

Like other Şımart smart home appliances, the smart light bulb can connect via Wi-Fi, and it becomes ready for use immediately with the help of the Şımart mobile application.

*Product performances have been tested under IEC laboratory conditions. Actual performances may vary depending on usage conditions.