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Smart Valve Control


Şımart Smart Valve Control is an intelligent home security product that allows users to remotely or automatically control water or gas valves in the event of leak detection. They can be integrated with other Şımart ecosystem devices, providing users with the ability to open, close, or adjust valves through the Şımart application.

  • Remote Control
  • Control and Notifications via the Şımart Application
  • Easy Installation & Usage
  • Safety and Precautions Against Potential Hazards
  • Integration with Other Şımart Devices
  • Programming and Scheduling
  • Wireless Connectivity


Protect Your Home from Water and Gas Leaks!

Şımart Smart Valve Control is the perfect solution to enhance the security of your home and prevent potential damage from water or gas leaks. With its smart technology, control of your home is always at your fingertips!

Automatic Opening & Closing

The Wi-Fi connected Smart Valve Control has the capability to automatically close valves through the Şımart application in case of excessive water or gas leaks. This feature can swiftly mitigate potential hazards.

Timers and Programs

With the timing and programming feature, you can schedule the valves to open or close at specific times. This allows you to enhance the security of your home or office, especially when you are on vacation or away.

Smart Programming for Energy and Resource Savings

Smart Valve Control offers the ability to automatically close valves that are unnecessarily open remotely through programming. This feature provides energy and resource savings, optimizing your water and gas bills.

Security-Focused Smart Valve Control

Smart Valve Control provides preventive measures against potential hazards to enhance home and office security. In case of water or gas leaks, it offers quick intervention through remote access during emergencies, ensuring the safety of your property and users.

Easy Installation

Smart Valve Control can be easily installed without the need for complex assembly or professional assistance. Users can quickly set up the device without the requirement for renovations. This makes it easily applicable in homes, offices, and other spaces.

Double Protection Against Water Flooding

Water Leak Detector detects potential water leaks in areas where water comes into contact, such as homes or offices. In the event of a water leak, the Water Leak Detector sends a notification to the user through the Şımart application. By using Smart Valve Control to close the water valve, potential water flooding can be prevented in order to mitigate the impact of water leaks.

Double Protection Against Hazardous Gases

Combustible Gas Alarm is an intelligent device that rapidly and reliably detects hazardous gas leaks. In the event of a gas detection, the Combustible Gas Alarm sends a notification to the user through the Şımart application. By using Smart Valve Control to close the gas valve, potential gas poisonings can be prevented to mitigate the impact of gas leaks.

*Product performance has been tested under IEC laboratory conditions. Actual performance may vary depending on usage conditions.