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Combustible Gas Alarm


Şımart Smart Combustible Gas Alarm is an intelligent home security product suitable for homes, offices, and other spaces, capable of detecting dangerous or combustible gas leaks. It can be controlled via a mobile application with Wi-Fi connectivity, providing real-time gas detection, audible alarms, and notifications through the application.

  • Real-time gas detection
  • Detects Natural Gas, Methane Gas, LPG, and Manufactured Gas
  • Sensitivity range of up to 20 square meters
  • Visible notifications and audible alarm
  • 70 dB sound level and LED indicator
  • Installation and notifications through the Şımart application
  • Low annual energy consumption
  • Operation at temperatures of up to 50 °C
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Combustible Gas Alarm

Be instantly notified of gas leaks in closed spaces such as homes, commercial kitchens, warehouses, and boiler rooms where monitoring is essential.

Instant Gas Leak Detection

Sensitivity to delicate and hazardous gases, such as natural gas, pipeline gas, and liquefied petroleum gas, triggers an alarm and notification in case of an increase in gas density in the environment. Ensuring your safety is now made easy with the advantage of rapid detection.

Compatible Operation with Smart Scenarios

Şımart smart home products can be used together in harmony. You can create scenarios and facilitate seamless integration through the application.

Recognition of Multiple Combustible Gas Types

An intelligent home security product with a broad range of applications, capable of recognizing various combustible and hazardous gases, including those that are more or less dense than air.

*Ürün performansları IEC laboratuvar koşullarında test edilmiştir. Gerçek performanslar kullanım koşullarına göre değişkenlik gösterebilir.