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Aquarium Feeding Robot


The Şımart Aquarium Feeding Robot is a smart home product that allows you to automatically feed your fish in regular and correct amounts. It is designed to ensure your fish are fed regularly, specifically when you are not at home.

  • Automatic Feeding
  • 200ml Feed Capacity
  • Control via Wide LCD Screen or Şımart App
  • 360° Rotating Head
  • Water Temperature Measurement
  • Suitable for Different Aquarium Glass Types
  • Creating Smart Scenarios with Other Şımart Products


Your Innovative Aquarium Assistant

Feeding your aquarium inhabitants is now much easier for aquarium owners! You can feed your aquatic animals via the Şıamrt app. The Aquarium Feeding Robot saves you time with its programmable and automatic features while contributing to the health of your fish.

Timing Feature

The Aquarium Feeding Robot can automatically feed at set times. Users can ensure that their fish are fed regularly according to a daily or weekly schedule.

Correct Feed Amount

The device allows you to set the amount of feed to be given at each feeding, preventing overfeeding and maintaining water quality.



The Aquarium Feeding Robot offers easy installation and usage and can be remotely controlled via the Şımart app, allowing users to adjust feeding times and change the amount of feed from anywhere.

Suitability for Various Aquarium Types

Compatible with various types of aquariums, including freshwater and saltwater tanks. It is also designed to accommodate aquarium glasses of different thicknesses and sizes.

Ideal for Holidays and Travels

It is ideal for ensuring the feeding of your aquatic animals even when you are away from home. The Aquarium Feeding Robot gives users peace of mind and ensures the health of their aquarium inhabitants.

Preserving Water Quality

Regular and correct feeding helps prevent overfeeding and assists in maintaining the aquarium’s water quality.

Scheduled Feeding Mode

Automatically feeds the aquarium inhabitants in the set amount and at the desired times.

Measuring Water Temperature

The Aquarium Feeding Robot frees users from the hassle of manually monitoring the aquarium temperature.