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Motion Sensor


Şımart Smart Motion Sensor is a smart home security system that can be controlled by a mobile application with a Wi-Fi connection, detects movements in or around your home or workplace, and sends you push notifications.

  • The advanced motion detection sensor
  • Instant movement notifications with the Şımart application
  • Long battery life with 2500 triggers
  • Advanced motion detection up to 6 meters
  • The opportunity for synchronized operation with all Şımart smart devices


Long-Lasting Security Experience

Şımart smart motion sensor can be triggered 2500 times during its battery life. Being triggered means that it detects any movement and sends you push notifications by the application. It guarantees the safety of your living arrangements with the help of its long battery life.

Stylish Member of Your Home

Thanks to the stylish and elegant design of your smart motion sensor, it does not both cause a bad image in your home decor and take up much space. In a scenario where you use door entrances to control, it will greet you with its elegant design when entering your home.

Make Your Office Safe

The security of office environments where many important items and documents are kept, such as workplaces, is vital. When you install a Sımart smart motion sensor for office environments, you can set it to be notified instantly when there is any unwanted activity.

In places where you do not want anyone to be there between certain hours, your sensor will instantly detect and inform you of intrusions.

Compatible with Other Şımart Smart Home Appliances

You can use the smart motion sensor, which is fully compatible with your other Şımart smart technological devices in your home, by creating different scenarios. For instance, you can set the Şımart smart socket to turn on the lights when the motion sensor detects you.

Şımart Mobile Application

With Şımart application, where you can manage smart home appliances, notifications are instantly delivered to your mobile phone.

*Product performances have been tested under IEC laboratory conditions. Actual performances may vary depending on usage conditions.