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Smart Light Bulb (Wi-Fi)


Start with Your Lighting to Make Your Home Smart. You can adjust the Şımart smart bulb to the color you want, control it remotely and use it with your other Şımart smart devices. Moreover, it saves up to 65 percent more electricity than normal bulbs.

  • Remote Control by App
  • Voice Control
  • Programming and Planning
  • 16 Million Color Options
  • Group Control
  • Music Rhythm
  • Family Sharing
  • 8 Different Scenarios
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Safe & Durable
  • Dimmable
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Choose from Millions of Color Options

RGB technology now adds color to your homes. You can choose any of the millions of color settings and apply them to the light bulb instantly. Programmable light bulbs with high color quality will change the atmosphere of your home!

The World of Şımart is at Your Fingertips

It can be used with all other Şımart smart products, and you can provide a comfortable and cozy home environment with the help of the scenarios you can create. It is possible that the Şımart motion sensor, which detects that you have entered the bedroom, turns off your light bulb.


Domestic Technology Beautifies Your Home

You can choose the one that suits your taste among 16 million color options and change the atmosphere of the environment. In addition, 8 present scene lighting which you can choose according to your mood are waiting for you in the Şımart application.

Smart Light Bulb Listens to You

With Google Assistant, the new member of your house listens to you and acts. The commands you can give with a few words will help you adjust the light instantly. Thus, you can control your light bulb with voice commands without opening the Şımart application.

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Night Lights Become History

You can use your smart light bulb by adjusting it in different colors and temperatures. Thus, you can create a dim environment when you need a night light and increase your sleep quality.

The Ambiance You're Looking For

Now it depends on you to create the ambiance you are looking for. The only thing you need to open the doors of a different world is the Şımart smart light bulb.

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Energy Saving and Programmable

You can also save money on light bulbs, as such in Şımart smart home technology products. Thanks to its optimized power consumption, the smart light bulb consumes 50% less electricity than normal bulbs. Thus, it appeals to both your pocket and your taste. Through time setting, it opens and closes at the set time, minimizing electricity consumption.

*Product performances have been tested under IEC laboratory conditions. Actual performances may vary depending on usage conditions.