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Smart Camera


The Şımart Smart Camera is an intelligent home security camera that can be controlled through a mobile application via Wi-Fi connection. You can position it on any desired surface to monitor and record the images inside or around your home or workplace, and it instantly sends you notifications when motion is detected.

  • Instant motion detection and notification sending
  • Remote control via the application
  • Ability to send and receive audio from the camera
  • 8-10 meters of visual range
  • Storage of past video data and expandable storage capacity
  • Instant use with Wi-Fi setup


Enhance Your Home and Office Security

Ensure your security against uninvited and unwanted guests with the support of the “Şımart Smart Camera”.

Continuous Monitoring

With advanced imaging capabilities of up to 8 to 10 meters, it offers clear and uninterrupted monitoring of your living or workspace, notifying you of any unauthorized entries.

Two-Way Audio Communication

Unlike a standard camera, the Şımart Smart Camera allows for two-way audio communication by sending and receiving sound within the environment.

Remote Control

As a smart home security product, it not only enhances your security but also allows you to send commands and control the environment where it is positioned by sending sound.

Save Time with Scenarios

You can activate or deactivate your devices whenever you want by creating various scenarios.

Remote Control and Programming via the Application

You can remotely control all your Şımart smart devices and perform all operations through the Şımart application.

*Product performances have been tested under IEC laboratory conditions. Actual performances may vary depending on usage conditions.