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Smart Camera 360°


Şımart Smart 360° Camera is an intelligent security camera specially designed for security and surveillance purposes, providing a complete 360° field of view around its location. It simultaneously captures every direction in the positioned area, sending notifications to the user via the Şımart application in case of motion detection.

  • 360° Rotation for Extensive Coverage
  • Up and Down 114° Coverage Area
  • Advanced Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Real-time Two-Way Audio Communication
  • Storage up to 128 GB on TF Card | App Storage
  • Siren Sound Alert Feature
  • Easy Setup via Şımart Application | Notifications


360° View

This smart camera, specially designed for security and surveillance purposes, observes its surroundings simultaneously in the positioned area. When it detects motion, it instantly informs you through the Şımart application.

Night Vision

The Smart 360° Camera has a night vision feature that allows monitoring in low-light or nighttime environments. This enables you to enhance home or office security at any time of the day.

Real-time Two-Way Audio Communication

It allows users to interact with individuals or events within the remote monitoring area through two-way audio communication, enabling users to engage in real-time interaction in the observed area.

360° Mobility

The Smart 360° Camera provides the ability to rotate 360° and move up and down, allowing you to monitor the entire positioned area.

Up and Down 114° Movement Capability

With a downward and upward 114° coverage feature, it assists users in achieving more flexible and detailed monitoring. This enables better control of the monitored area and captures more details.

Motion Detection

With motion detection features, when movement is detected in a specific area, it sends notifications to the user through the Şımart application. The Smart 360° Camera records the detected motion, providing visual information to the user.

Siren Sound Alert Feature

To provide security in a specific area and draw attention to unauthorized entries or unusual activities, the Smart 360° Camera can emit a siren sound. This feature is an important tool to enhance security measures and provide a quick response.

Dual Storage

The Smart 360° Camera offers the capability to record images to both the Şımart application’s storage space and a local TF card. The dual storage feature provides a flexible and reliable solution to meet security monitoring and recording needs.