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Smart Plug (USB+TYPE-C)


Smart Plug (USB+TYPE-C) is a smart home product equipped with USB and Type-C ports, designed to intelligently control electrical devices in environments such as homes or offices. It offers ease of use through its USB+Type-C connection inputs.

  • Besides the standard power input, it includes USB and Type-C ports.
  • Ability to connect four different devices with a single outlet.
  • Remote on/off capability through a smartphone application.
  • Capability to monitor the electricity consumption of your electronic devices.
  • Synchronization for real-time monitoring.
  • Effortless usage with the timer and scheduling features.
  • Shared control enabling common use for all household members.
  • Advanced security system.
  • Voice activation with Google Assistant.


Use Energy Wisely

Smart Plug (USB+TYPE-C) help reduce your electricity bills. You can plan your monthly electricity usage and even remotely turn off your devices when you’re not home, saving energy. This is a smart way to protect both your budget and the environment.


Universal Connectivity Convenience

Universal Compatibility: The smart outlet charges or powers various devices supporting USB and Type-C ports, offering compatibility and convenience across a broad range of devices.

Space Saving: Having multiple connection ports eliminates the need for numerous chargers or outlets, which is particularly beneficial in areas with limited available sockets.

Smart Energy Monitoring

Smart Plug (USB+TYPE-C) allows real-time monitoring of the energy consumption of connected devices. This feature enables users to observe their energy usage patterns and make adjustments if necessary, facilitating informed decisions for energy saving and cost reduction.

Automatic Timing and Scheduling Features

Users can pre-plan the operating times of their devices. This function not only optimizes energy consumption but also aids users in automating their daily routines, thereby managing their homes more efficiently.

Device Protection After Power Outages

The smart outlet maintains the previous states of devices after power outages, ensuring they restart or shut down accordingly. This is crucial for expensive devices or systems that need to maintain their settings.

Optimized Energy Savings

Energy usage is optimized through intelligent scheduling and consumption tracking, leading to significant long-term energy savings.

Enhanced Security Features

The remote control feature allows users to manage their electrical devices safely even when they are away from home. It also provides the ability to remotely turn off devices left on by accident, thereby preventing potential hazards.