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Smart Curtain Motor


Şımart Smart Curtain Robot is an intelligent device that automates traditional curtains, allowing users to easily control the opening and closing of curtains remotely or in a programmed manner.

  • Compatible with 3 Different Rail Types
  • Movement Speed of 12 cm/s
  • Carrying Capacity up to 13 Kilograms
  • Three control options: Şımart Application, Remote Control, and Power Button
  • Easy Installation and User-Friendly
  • Possibility to Create Scenarios with Other Şımart Devices


Smart Curtain Robot: The New Symbol of Your Comfort

Home automation’s comfort and convenience are now manifesting in your curtains as well. The Smart Curtain Robot is designed to make your life even more effortless.

Remote Control and Programmability

The Smart Curtain Robot features remote control and programmability through the Şımart application. When used in conjunction with the Bluetooth Network Gateway, you can easily schedule automatic opening or closing of the curtains at specific times or days. This feature provides both instant and scheduled curtain control, offering enhanced convenience and flexibility for users.


The Smart Curtain Robot can be seamlessly integrated with other Şımart ecosystem products. This allows you the opportunity to synchronize your curtains with other smart home devices and further enhance your home automation.

Easy Installation and Usage

You can easily mount it on curtain rails without requiring any tools or equipment and start using it immediately by completing the setup steps effortlessly through the Şımart application.

Energy Saving

Programmable Smart Curtain Robot can contribute to energy savings by optimizing natural daylight. Additionally, they can be integrated with other Şımart ecosystem products sensitive to weather conditions or sunlight, further enhancing energy efficiency.

Remote Access and Security

When used in conjunction with the Bluetooth Network Gateway, it provides remote access, allowing users to control the curtains from anywhere. This offers the possibility to make your home appear active even when you are on vacation.

Compatible with Various Curtains: Up to 13 kg Weight Capacity

The Smart Curtain Robot seamlessly integrates with various types of curtains and has the ability to automatically open and close curtains weighing up to 13 kilograms. This feature provides a practical automation solution for different curtains, including Rustic curtains, U-rail curtains, and I-rail curtains.