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Smart Airfryer


With the Smart Air Fryer, you can prepare healthier and more delicious meals for your table using very little oil. With its multiple cooking functions, you can make the best french fries, cook the most delightful desserts, and satisfy your large family with a wide variety of new flavors.

With the Şımart (Pamper) app, you can use your hot air fryer from anywhere and browse through a recipe list where you can create feasts suitable for everyone’s taste.

Discover Şımart’s Next-Generation Kitchen Technologies!

  • Large basket capacity of 6.5 liters for every cooking method
  • 11 different multiple cooking options
  • Temperature range of 40-200 °C
  • Touchscreen digital display, multifunctional cooking icons
  • Shake reminder for easier cooking
  • Remote control with the Şımart app
  • PFOA and BPA-Free Airfryer: A Healthy Cooking Experience!

Smart Camera


The Şımart Smart Camera is an intelligent home security camera that can be controlled through a mobile application via Wi-Fi connection. You can position it on any desired surface to monitor and record the images inside or around your home or workplace, and it instantly sends you notifications when motion is detected.

  • Instant motion detection and notification sending
  • Remote control via the application
  • Ability to send and receive audio from the camera
  • 8-10 meters of visual range
  • Storage of past video data and expandable storage capacity
  • Instant use with Wi-Fi setup

Electronic Smart Scale


The Şımart Smart Scale has many more functions than a normal scale. It does not only show your weight, but also helps you know a lot more about your health. It is a health assistant that allows you to analyze 13 different data such as body fat, muscle and bone mass.

  • Ability to measure 13 different data
  • Android and iOS connection with the help of Şımart smartphone application
  • Accurate body analysis with BIA measurement method
  • Weight Range (6-180kg)
  • Low battery notification
  • Automatic power on/off
  • Stylish design, easy to use

Water Leakage Detector


Şımart Smart Water Leak Detector is a smart home security system that can be controlled by a mobile application with a Wi-Fi connection and instantly detects water leaks and sends you a push notification.

  • Remote control and instant notification thanks to the Şımart application
  • Low power consumption, long battery life
  • The opportunity to connect with other Şımart smart devices
  • Wireless use thanks to the direct Wi-Fi connection
  • Self-alarm sound
  • History record analysis
  • Timer control

Motion Sensor


Şımart Smart Motion Sensor is a smart home security system that can be controlled by a mobile application with a Wi-Fi connection, detects movements in or around your home or workplace, and sends you push notifications.

  • The advanced motion detection sensor
  • Instant movement notifications with the Şımart application
  • Long battery life with 2500 triggers
  • Advanced motion detection up to 6 meters
  • The opportunity for synchronized operation with all Şımart smart devices

Smart Door Window Sensor


The Şımart Smart Door Window Sensor is a smart security system that can be controlled via a mobile application with a Wi-Fi connection, and when it is fixed to the door or window ledge as you please, it can notice that someone is trying to break in and sends you a notification.

  • Instant notification
  • Easy installation
  • Space-saving feature with the help of its portable and stylish design.
  • Supported by other Şımart smart home appliances
  • Supported by Android and iOS devices

Smart Toilet Seat


The Smart Toilet Seat revolutionizes personal hygiene, taking it to the next level of cleanliness and comfort.

The Şımart Smart Toilet Seat is an intelligent toilet seat with different washing modes, adjustable water temperature, seat temperature, and drying temperature. It also features drying and odor-absorbing capabilities.

Pampering innovation in personal hygiene!

  • Pampering innovation in personal hygiene!
  • Different Washing Modes
  • Isıtmalı Oturak
  • Ayarlanabilir Yıkama ve Kurutma Sıcaklığı
  • Odor Absorption
  • Family Sharing

Smart Light Bulb (Wi-Fi)


Start with Your Lighting to Make Your Home Smart. You can adjust the Şımart smart bulb to the color you want, control it remotely and use it with your other Şımart smart devices. Moreover, it saves up to 65 percent more electricity than normal bulbs.

  • Remote Control by App
  • Voice Control
  • Programming and Planning
  • 16 Million Color Options
  • Group Control
  • Music Rhythm
  • Family Sharing
  • 8 Different Scenarios
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Safe & Durable
  • Dimmable

Smart Light Bulb (BLE)


The Smart Light Bulb is an internet-connected LED bulb that allows lighting to be customized, programmed, and remotely controlled via a mobile application through Bluetooth connection.

  • Bluetooth Control (15-20 meters)
  • Programming and Scheduling
  • 16 Million Color Options
  • Group Control
  • Music Rhythm
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Family Sharing
  • 6 Different Scenarios
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Safe & Durable
  • with voice control via Google Assistant ( Bluetooth Gateway required )
  • Dimmable

You can also purchase our Smart Light Bulb product from Hepsiburada and Trendyol if you want.

Smart Plug


Şımart Smart Plug is a smart home appliance that can be controlled by a mobile application with a Wi-Fi connection, has timed and planned on-off features, energy-saving and thus, making your life easier.

  • Remote on/off convenience thanks to the smartphone applications
  • The opportunity to know how much electricity your electronic devices consume
  • The opportunity of real-time tracking with synchronization
  • Effortless use thanks to the feature of time setting and planning
  • The opportunity of common use for all residents with shared control
  • Advanced security system
  • Voice control with Google Assistant