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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Katya robot can work without a Wi-Fi connection, but in that case, it is not possible for you to use some of its features. Having a Wi-Fi connection provides you to make use of your vacuum with all of its features.
Your Katya robot can be recharged in its specially designed charging station. If it runs out of power while cleaning, it will return to its charging dock to power up.
When the battery is low, your Katya robot will automatically charge itself and start cleaning where it left off.
Katya is designed to work on all surfaces. It automatically adjusts its suction and speed level depending on the surface it is on.
You can use Katya robot when your wireless internet at your home is functioning, plus, you can check live progress continuously right from your mobile phone with Simart Technology APP/APK.
You can mark no-go zones through the Simart Technology APP/APK. Similarly, you can mark the particular cleaning zones again through the Simart Technology APP/APK.
Katya won’t fall down the stairs, steps and high edges owing to its drop sensors attached to the bottom casing.
With the large battery of 6000mAh battery, Kayta can clean up over 3 hours uninterruptedly.
Katya robot vacuum box contains side brushes for left and right sides one for each. You can easily remove the old brush and replace it without using any screwdriver. Besides, you can find ever-updating information within the Simart Technology APP/APK regarding the expected life of the accessories.
Katya cleans all kinds of hairs and bristles, it also picks up accrued hairs and bristles in the corners with its unique design.
Your Katya robot works through 2.4GHz wireless network, make sure that your connection is not 5GHz and your Wi-Fi light is blinking.
Clean potable water must be poured into its liquid tank. Tap water mustn’t be used in no circumstances. Only a teaspoon of white vinegar should be added as a cleanser, i.e. detergent.
With its smart mapping system, Katya identifies every room. Thus, you can specify when and which room Katya will clean.
Your robot vacuum controls its battery in a way that will never reduce its battery performance. Therefore, your smart robot vacuum must stay on charging even when not in use.
Reset settings from the Wi-Fi light on Katya and re-enter network settings.
You can share your device by using the shared robot tab in APP/APK.

Please make sure that there is no problem in Wi-Fi connection.

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